BL NK Le Collectif is more than a company dedicated to the creation of remarkable events and exceptional concierge services. It is a community of enthusiasts who believe in the magic of events, that which can transform a simple gathering of people into a moment of connection, emotion and inspiration, forever marking the history of the people who experience it.

For more than ten years, our action has been based on a credo of seven principles, seven golden rules that define us and guide us in realizing the dream of each new event.

We place the human connection above all else, striving to be authentic and sincere in all our interactions. Because we know that great events are built on the foundation of meaningful relationships.

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, because we believe that the secret to extraordinary lies in attention to detail.

Because each client is unique, we reject banality and complacency to embrace creativity and compete in audacity to bring unforgettable moments to life for all who experience them.

We are committed to treating our customers and associates with exceptional care, not because we know their satisfaction and success are key to our success, but because they are our second family.

Because our word is golden, we don't promise more than we can keep, as we believe that it is by keeping our word and striving to exceed our customers' expectations every time that we will earn their trust and loyalty.

We are committed to investing with others in a spirit of unity and shared purpose, welcoming diversity and cherishing the inclusion of every team member. Because we know there is strength in numbers and that by working together we can achieve greatness.

Finally, we pledge to be stewards of the earth and to do our part to protect and preserve it for future generations. Because we believe that the world we leave behind is just as important as the events we create today, and that it is our responsibility to leave a positive legacy for generations to come.